Yangon has two main bus stations. The Highway Bus Centre (Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal) serves the most destinations, while the Hlaing Thar Yar Bus Terminal serves the Delta.
The Hlaing Thar Yar Bus Terminal is a good 45 minutes west of the centre on the other side of the Hlaing River.

You will see below the schedule for the air-con bus between the main tourist towns in Myanmar (Yangon – Mandalay – Bagan – Inle – Taunggyi – Kalaw – Nay Pyi Taw – Pyin Oo Lwin), the beach of Chaung Tha and Pathein from where you can go to the very good beach of Ngwe Saung.
Air con buses are reliable (for Myanmar) but we strongly recommend you NOT to try to catch a plane the same day that your bus is “supposed” to arrive. Do not believe the schedule (even if most of the time it is quite accurate). Sometimes if it is really better to come at the bus station early to get the best seat.
Travelling with air con bus is not a nightmare, but if you really like your hot and cozy bed, avoids it. Otherwise it is very nice.

YANGONBAGAN (Nyaung U)Shwe Mandalar Normal (2+2)08:0017:30
Shwe MandalarNormal (2+2)19:0004:30
Shwe Mandalar Normal (2+2)20:0005:30
JJ Express BusVIP (2+1)20:0005:30
Bagan Min TharVIP (2+1)20:0005:30
YANGONMANDALAYJJ Express BusNormal (2+2)21:0005:30
Moe Kaung Kin ExpressNormal (2+2)21:0006:30
Mandalar MinNormal (2+2)08:0017:00
 Say Ta ManVIP ( 2+1 )21:0005:30
 JJ Express VIP (2+1)21:3006:00
BossVIP (2+1)09:0018:00
BossVIP (2+1)22:0007:00
BossVIP (2+1)21:0006:00
 Say Ta ManVIP ( 2+1 )21:0005:30
(Nyaung Shwe)
 JJ ExpressVIP(2+1)18:0005:30
Golden ShuttleNormal (2+2)17:0005:30
Golden ShuttleVIP ( 2+1 )18:0005:30
YANGONTAUNGGYI Shwe MandalarNormal (2+2)19:0006:30
 JJ Express BusVIP (2+1)18:0006:30
Golden ShuttleNormal (2+2)14:0005:30
Golden ShuttleNormal (2+2)17:0005:30
Golden ShuttleVIP ( 2+1 )18:0006:00
Shwe MandalarVIP (2+1)18:0005:30
YANGONKALAW JJ Express BusVIP (2+1)18:0004:00
Golden ShuttleNormal (2+2)17:0004:00
Golden ShuttleVIP ( 2+1 )18:0004:00
YANGONNAY PYI TAWMandalar MinNormal (2+2)08:3014:00
  Mandalar MinNormal (2+2)13:0019:00
  Mandalar MinNormal (2+2)22:0004:00
  Mandalar MinNormal (2+2)22:3005:00
   Moe Kaung KinNormal (2+2)10:0015:30
  JJ ExpressNormal08:0014:00
  JJ ExpressNormal12:0018:00
   JJ ExpressNormal17:0023:00
  JJ ExpressNormal22:0004:00
  Shwe Mandalar Normal (2+2)22:0005:00
  Mandalar MinNormal (2+2)23:3005:30
  BossNormal (2+2)08:0014:00
MANDALAYYANGONJJ ExpressNormal (2+2)21:0005:30
Say Ta ManVIP ( 2+1 )21:0005:30
JJ ExpressVIP (2+1)21:3006:00
BossVIP (2+1)09:0018:00
BossVIP (2+1)21:0006:00
 BossVIP (2+1)21:3006:30
MANDALAYBAGAN (Nyaung U)Pyi Taw Aye(19 seat)14:0020:00
Pyi Taw Aye(19 seat)17:0023:00
Shwe Man ThuNormal (2+2)08:3014:30
Shwe Man ThuNomal (2+2)21:3003:30
Pyi Taw Aye(19 seat)14:0020:00
OK Bus(19 seat)08:0014:00
 OK Bus(19 seat)17:3023:30
 OK Bus(19 seat)15:0021:00
  Aye Chan MaungNormal (2+2)07:3013:30
Pyi Taw Aye (19 seat)07:0013:00
 Pyi Taw Aye (19 seat)09:0015:00
  Pyi Taw Aye (19 seat)12:0018:00
 OK Bus(19 seat)12:0018:00
OK Bus(19 seat)10:0015:00
Sein Nann SoeHi-ace09:0015:00
Sein Nann SoeHi-ace17:0023:00
 Pyi Taw Aye(19 seat)12:0018:00
(Inle Lake)
Shwe Man ThuNormal (2+2)19:3003:30
JJ Express BusVIP (2+1)22:0005:30
Sein Nann Soe(12 seat) Hiace09:0015:00
MANDALAYTAUNGGYIShwe MandalarNormal (2+2)20:0005:30
 JJ ExpressVIP (2+1)22:0006:30
Sein Nann Soe(12 seat) Hiace09:0015:00
MANDALAYKALAW JJ Express BusVIP (2+1)22:0004:30
Sein Nann Soe(12 seat) Hiace09:0014:00
MANDALAYNAY PYI TAWShwe MandalarNormal (2+2)19:0008:00
 JJ ExpressVIP (2+117:0006:00
 Golden ShuttleNormal (2+2)14:0006:00
Golden Shuttle Normal (2+2)17:0006:00
 Shwe MandalarVIP (2+1)18:0007:00
Shwe MandalarNormal (2+2)19:0008:00
Golden ShuttleVIP ( 2+1 )18:0006:00
BAGAN (Nyaung U)YANGONJJ Express BusVIP (2+1)20:0005:30
 Bagan Min TharVIP ( 2+1 )20:0005:30

(Nyaung U)

MANDALAYOK Bus(19 seat)18:0000:00
Aye Chan MaungNormal (2+2)08:0014:00
Pyi Taw Aye(19 seat)09:0015:00
 Pyi Taw Aye (19 seat)12:0018:00
 Pyi Taw Aye (19 seat)14:3020:30
Pyi Taw Aye (19 seat)16:3022:30
 OK Bus(19 seat)08:0013:00
OK Bus(19 seat)13:0018:00
OK Bus(19 seat)16:0022:00
Aye Chan Maung(14 seat)07:0013:00
Aye Chan Maung(14 seat)17:0023:00
BAGAN (Nyaung U)NYAUNG SHWE (Inle Lake)Bagan Min TharNomal (2+2)19:0003:00
 Bagan Min Thar(14 seat)08:0016:00
BAGAN (Nyaung U)TAUNGGYIBagan Min TharNormal (2+2)19:0005:30
Bagan Min Thar (14 seat)08:0016:30
BAGAN (Nyaung U)KALAWBagan Min TharNomal (2+2)19:0002:30
Bagan Min Thar (14 seat)08:0014:00
BAGAN (Nyaung U)NAY PI TAWNyaung U Mann(33 seat)06:0014:00
Nyaung U Mann(33 seat)19:0003:00
BAGAN (Nyaung U)PYIN OO LWINOK Bus(19 seat)07:0014:00
YANGONCHAUNG THAR BEACHAsia DragonNormal (2+2)22:0006:00

(Friday Only)

Normal (2+2)22:0006:00
CHAUNG THAR BEACHYANGONAsia DragonNormal (2+2)09:0019:00

(Monday Only)

Normal (2+2)09:0019:00
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